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The Hidden Dangers of Baby Cribs and Cradles

beautiful crib

Image Source: Simple Baby Necessities

In times when we are swamped by different advertisements and companies that offer lower and lower prices, we might find it hard to choose what is best for our newborn baby? How to find the balance between affordable prices and guaranteed quality? This is a difficult question, because unlike everything else you can buy and throw away if not satisfied, when buying a crib or a dresser a single loose screw might cause a serious harm. Read the following to familiarize yourself with what kind of furniture you need to avoid. Continue Reading →

Single Parent’s Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day For Single parents

Ah… Valentine’s day… Every year, immediately after we throw the Christmas trees and remove the angels and nativity scene wax sculptures, we hang hearts and roses everywhere. The whole “let’s celebrate love” however, is a bit too much for some people with all the pressure to be in a couple and to buy fancy things. Continue Reading →

How To Make Kids Eat Their Food

Making a picky kid eat something often feels like the hardest part of preparing a meal (and to a single dad preparing a meal could be challenging), so here are a few ideas that worked for me.

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DIY Baby Wipes

Homemade Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are essential when you are a parent, because kids make messes from day one. In order to constantly be prepared it is wise to arm yourself with quite a large stash of baby wipes just in case. You’ll be glad you did that. However, what happens when purchasing wet wipes puts a burden on your finances and household budget, or even worse causes your child to have an eczema? The easiest way to make a high quality wet wipes that are all natural and safe is to make them at home. Here is how you do that. Continue Reading →

The Heartwarming Videos of 2014

the videos of 2014
​Here is a collection of heart-warming videos that I recently watched. Not a single dry eye. They will bring tears and smiles and will truly warm your heart.  Continue Reading →

How To Make Glowing Clouds of Cotton

Glowing Clouds of CottonLighting is one of the best ways to add warmth, ambiance and personal touch to any room of your home. It is also a great way to emphasize on certain features, or to try and make a small room look larger. I would like to offer you a creative decoration idea, suitable for the holidays, or for an artistic lighting in the nursery. Relatively easy to implement, these beautiful cotton clouds will delight young and old. Continue Reading →

Tricks on How to Teach Children Literacy

Teaching Children literacy Tips and Tricks

As a single dad I have decided that I want to make my daughter as independent as possible. I believe educating her is the key to it. From a very early age (early infancy) I read to her. According to Neuman (2001) the development in literacy don’t just happen over a few days in first grade. It is a process that starts from infancy. Yes, I know I said it in my previous post, but it is worth saying it again! When I read to my daughter I know she doesn’t understand everything I am saying, but I believe she will start associating books with love and affection. She is lying in my arms and she can hear my voice, feel the emotions in my speech and feel my heart. I believe in time she will be able to transfer the positive feelings to the books she is reading herself. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Early Literacy in Young Children

Literacy and the development of language are among the most important factors in a child’s successful education and development. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say literacy has the power to absolutely determine a child’s success in life. Research shows that learning to read and write starts long before first grade. It does not begin suddenly, but is instead a process, and one that starts from early infancy (Neuman, 2001) . You may not like this, but here is some news for you – literacy skills will start developing with or without you. Continue Reading →

Why Dirt and Mud are Good for the Kids

I am pretty convinced that this sight is a nightmare to many parents and will surely cause a nervous breakdown if seen live. Because of the obsession of cleaning and other reasons some parents do not let their kids play in the park, where they can find dirt and mud. We think that we protect them, but the truth is different. When we behave like this we do not protect them, this way we force them to stop being curious about the world that surrounds them, we have the power to freeze their enthusiasm just with one sight, and we do all these things with the thought that it is for their good. But, dear parents, I have to say that you are wrong.
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Crib Upcycle Ideas

I have never considered myself as a person who upcycles things and spends too much on crafts and DIY projects. All this changed, however, when my daughter was born. I realized what things are good for me and which ones are not. I found out that working with my hands, fixing stuff and upcycling things, actually made me feel better, helped me safe money for Emma and made me more aware of  all the problems with the environment. But there is also one more thing. Continue Reading →